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El Icaco is located on the southeast part of Tortuguero's Village, the property is located a few steps away from the beach surrounded by the involving nature of the island. 

5 min. walk from downtown.


Hotel El Icaco has one main mission; provide the guest a quality experience in the middle of the nature with an emphasis on excellent customer service through our courteous, available, helpful and friendly staff.




El Icaco works with a tour operator named Caretta Tours which is capable of carrying out with you all the activities doable on the island, such as canoe tours, turtle tours and many more. 

Rooms & Rates



In our hotel we have multiple rooms designed to please all the basic needs of the guest offering rooms with and without air conditioning as well as located on first or second floor. 



Get to know our deals and packages available.

We have multiple packages which are adapted depending on which immersive nature related experience the guest wants to explore the most.   

Offered in one-day packages, one, two and up to three nights packages. 

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Hotel El Icaco is a family managed business.

With over twenty years of trajectory our hotel is located in the paradisiac island of Tortuguero, just in front of the beach, surrounded with a tropical forest that begins where the sand ends, just as it was at the beggining of the times. 


Unparalleled experiences.


Why El Icaco...?

Because in our place the guest will feel like another member of our family, we will try our best to enhance your vacation through the wonderful Tortuguero National Park. Our crew memebers will be more than pleased to help you out with anything, overall one smile and lots of good energy are the two requirements to have a marvelous stay, at least at our very rustic spot located in the island.

Quality - Price

Our quality-price match is one of a kind, the product the guest receives is exquisite and well economically measured. 


Our guests will have crew members waiting for them along the way and the option to have shuttle and tour operator services at front desk.


Relax in a small beachfront place  a few steps away from the village's downtown with it's own swimming pool* and restaurant*.


"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step..."

- Lao Tzu

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